Legit UX/UI Designer & Front End Developer.

I'm looking to 'degrade gracefully' and work in a team oozing with passion.

Hi, I'm Simon Whittaker

I have a degree in Graphic Design from AAA School of Advertising. I spent time flexing my entrepreneurial muscles growing a digital agency in Cape Town, South Africa. I recently completed a 12 week web development course at Makers Academy.

I'm looking for full time employment in a skilled team, building software that enriches and improves people's lives. I'm currently living in London, United Kingdom

I create stunning, flexible and lightning fast experiences.

HTML, CSS & Javascript

I've recently immersed myself in 'zero's' and 'ones' on my journey to becoming a full stack front end developer.
!important I like to markup my designs in semantic HTML and CSS, whilst progressively enhancing the experience through javascript.

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Everything is design. Everything!

Aesthetic style is a non-negotiable. I have immense appreciation for all things beautiful and in divine proportion. Design decisions are made for benefit of the end user. If it's not serving a purpose, it's fluff.

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UX built for humans.

Insight into feature requirements and outlining high level goals is a necessity. Knowing the tasks being performed and what communication is taking place leads to a successful web presence and happy clients.

A collection of my personal & professional work.

Jekyl and Hide

A high quality leather goods manufacturer. After making the initial site, the client came back to me looking to further grow their online presence and the introduce eCommerce functionality.

Cinergy Productions

Cinergy is a TVC production company based in Cape Town. The client was looking for a clean and elegant solution to house the commercials they’d produced.

Eco Rangers

The Eco Rangers microsite was built to educate children on the responsibility of recycling. Users could read eComics, downloads wall papers and win certificates.

Supa Strikas

Supa Strikas is a comic and animation series available across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. I had a long standing relationship with the Supa Strikas brand, growing their Facebook page from 30 000 to 300 000 fans in 6 months.


PlusDigital is a digital agency I co created. We provided digital creative, and marketing services to both local and international companies.

Obscura & Personalyst

Obscura is a passion project I've been working on for a while. Here is the Logo typerface I've been working on. Personalyst was built to give the Foundation framework a test run.

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